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Why you choose Cannalysis

Accurate Chemical Profiling of your Cannabis Product

We analyze and quantify the presence of the 5 main cannabinoids contained within each product: THC, THCacid, CBD, CBDacid, and CBN. From this analysis, a consumer will be more informed as to how that particular strain or batch will affect them.

Analysis of Biological Contaminants

As part of our full subscription package, we will provide analysis for the presence of mold or yeast as well as e.coli bacteria.

Quick Turnaround Time

We will provide you with the results of our analysis within 3 business days from collection of the sample to be tested. With the quick turn around, it will mitigate delay in selling your product to your customers.

Consumer Tools

As part of our subscription package. We include a certified report, and state compliant product labels. These labels contain the dispensary name, strain name, THC, CBD, and CBN potency, and a QR code that can be scanned by any scanning app that will bring the consumer to the full report page with images on their mobile device.

Online Platform

Cannalysis includes an online platform as part of the Cannalysis testing experience. The platform allows you to track your history of tests, check the status of ongoing tests, register new samples for testing, download hi-res images of your product, and more. A true convenience.

Customer Support

At Cannalysis, we stand behind our testing and service. We always make ourselves available to ensure you are getting the service you deserve.

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